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My work is mainly of the female form, a subject matter as old as art itself. For me as an artist, the female form has unsurpassed potential and unlimited capabilities, due to its association with so many basic human emotions. The female form evokes feelings that range from fragile to strength, protective to threatening, innocent to evil. It is life-giving, nurturing, mystical, beautiful, seductive, sensual, and so much more. It is a complex and fundamental element in us all, and I enjoy working with such an inspiring, exciting, powerful and challenging subject matter.

Asael Dror is both a technologist and an artist, utilizing this unique combination to create works of the timeless female figure.

Asael is a technology visionary whose work has spanned 25 years -- substantialy influencing computer graphics. Most recently, as Co-Founder and Chief Architect of Calista Technologies, he invented the first virtual Graphic Processing Unit, as well as a new architecture for remoting computer graphics and rich media. Microsoft acquired Calista and adapted those innovations into RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol -- RemoteFX). Asael left Microsoft to dedicate himself to his art.

An active artist for the past 15 years, Asael was an early adaptor of digital photography and digital painting. San Francisco Art Magazine describes his work as: "elegant color digital prints derived from nude photography; reminiscent of solarizations of Man Ray, distortions of Bill Brandt". His works where published internationally, including in: Photo-life, Photo Sélection, and Popular Photography.

Asael's original fine art prints are limited-edition, pigment-prints. All printing, retouching, numbering and signing are done by the artist personally.

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